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I am a French woman artist, born in France in the sixties and came to the US in 1988, in my mid-twenties. At an early age, after different events, I became interested in metaphysics, the universe, astronomy, countries of the world, their languages and cultures and “making things”. After creating “La maison de mes rêves” (The House of my Dreams) at 12 years old, a project the size of a doll’s house, I began at 14, combining the African jewelry my sister sent me from Africa, with my French costume jewelry. While acquiring different skills in the creativity fields along the way, I realized that I was interested in many things in the art field: design, architecture, sculpture, painting, dress design, jewelry and accessory making, photography and drawing. However my background is in law and foreign languages (I studied in France).

My parents exposed me to a lot of art and cultures. In relation to what I presently do, my mother was a dress designer of “haute couture” for people of English and other royalty descent. After seeing so many creations, what I wanted in stores, did not even exist! Therefore, I decided that it would be best to make everything myself. As a logical progression, I sold my clothes, jewelry and accessory designs locally. Before going to the States, I owned a small jewelry business called “Alizés Créations” where I made jewelry out of phone wires, my first “things made out of reused materials”.

Shortly after learning painting, one afternoon, in 1986, I wrote the principles of my artwork and made major decisions about my life. Creating art and using my imagination became my main purpose in life. This is the beginning of my paintings: “Baby Vegetable Era”. Then, in 1998, after finding an aerial view of a beach postcard, I created the “Beach and Ocean Era” (stylized beaches and oceans).

In 2001, I created my first EcCeptical® series (unprecedented, innovative and whimsical art jewelry). Since 2001, the creation of the EcCeptical® jewelry series has been the result of years and years of trial and error, unfinished projects and creative struggles. However now, I have a substantial and growing collection of over 35 series of EcCeptical® art (each series has about 7 pieces of art jewelry). Some of it are things made out of reused materials and others are made from new materials. This art jewelry may be “frameable” or wearable. Some of them are aerial views of human activities on Earth, in shape of jewelry. It’s very interesting.

In 2012, since I am a French woman artist, I am coming with new paintings called, “The Women, Raisers of Humanity”. I use the shape of the woman body in different positions and on different planes. Design is an important component of the painting and the women are made of different colors to create a surrealistic effect.

I take turn with the different media and I occasionally make more assemblages, I have created 27 to this day.

Making artwork protects me from anything harmful, it is a guidance, a complete spirituality. It makes me stable and secure. It gives harmony to my life. I really enjoy using my imagination and creativity and I want people to enjoy art in the world. I think it revives their souls. Art can cure the sick. I wish all people would discover the joy of coming up with their own artwork because it enables one to have a stable identity, and lack of identity is a concern in this world. There is no limit to my imagination because it originates from first impressions and life incidents and I transform that experience inside of me. Each impression and incident is one-of-a-kind. I am compelled to making artwork every time I can. I’d love to inspire you.

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