Artist Statement: Assemblages

Artist’s Statement: Glass Assemblages

By Angélique Glennon

Here is the story of behind this art using recycled materials. With your eyes and mind, envision me to be a “glass breaker”. Throughout my years, I have had the tendency of accidentally breaking glassware, so frequently that this would happen on a weekly basis! It is somewhat a paradox since I am also very dexterous to make artwork.

One day, I broke the top of a gorgeous glass I was given for my wedding- Miséricorde! (mercy!).  It would have been a shame to throw it away!

I decided to turn my clumsiness into good use.

So, boosted with radiant inspiration, I hurried over my collection of antique and vintage perfume bottles. What if I were to glue them together on that broken glass, hiding the place it was broken with bottles? It would be an art using recycled materials and sort of an additive sculpture, because I would reuse bottles. Well, I did get to make these assembly of colored bottles and it turned out to be a very challenging and time consuming task because of the nature of the material to be assembled.

Failure (my glass breaking habit) has been the sprout of my creativity for these glass assemblages of reused bottles.

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