Statement: Drawings

Artist’s Statement: Drawings

by Manon & Angélique Glennon

This work is a combination of two artistic minds: myself and my daughter Manon.

Born from me, Angélique Glennon, which explains the fluency in both English and French language, Manon has been an incredible princess.

Children artists like Manon have their own view of our mysterious world. Maybe cats can talk when we are not listening; maybe dogs can fly and still, we just see birds. I am now convinced that there is a unicorn in my backyard, but it only appears for the fairies living in the palm tree. Manon’s beautiful universe is filled with helicopter-dogs, civilized dinosaurs, octopuses queens…She makes bad dreams vanish. Manon cares for every living creature. She is quite aware of her surroundings.

Her expressive watercolor drawings speak of her passion and whimsical beauty for the world. Each drawing has a title.

Manon was born in Vermont in 1993 and has been drawing in such a way since she was two. Now, she has been taking a break and she will resume her artistic talent later. She may or may not do watercolor drawings again. Right now she is in her teens and she is doing her studies.

Manon drew about 30 drawings per day for years. After being inspired from a prodigy child artist, I got the idea: she would draw the lines freely and inspired. Those lines were never retouched. I asked Manon to sign each drawing. I transformed the appearance of her drawings to a more professional version. And that is how the drawings came together: the drawings had to be carefully collected, dated, sorted and classified daily. I finally made a selection. I am proud to release her collection. Prints of the drawings can be collected.

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