Statement: EcCeptical®

Artist’s Statement: EcCeptical®

Represented in the past for my museum-quality paintings by the Art Rental Program of the Armand Hammer Museum, I have been working a good part of my life with different media: oil painting, drawing, sculptures, assemblages, dress design, and accessory making. Today, I am introducing you to EcCeptical® (Pronounced: Ek-sep-tee-kal), The Art that Defies the Designable™.

EcCeptical® is an unprecedented and growing collection of close to 40 sculpture series in the shape of jewelry. This body of work revolves around water, people, patterns, incidents in life… and first impressions.

EcCeptical® can be displayed on a stand, mannequin or model. It may also be worn by any bold, confident woman who wants to be admired, appreciated and communicate about herself to others. This highly evolved artwork  stimulates all viewers, from children to adults, to communicate with each other – and to the woman wearing the artwork.

Decades of innovation: each new series is completely innovative and is sparked by a single idea or impression. I challenge myself by creating something new each time. The aesthetic, theme or material medium is unique in every series. The artistic skill needed for each one requires from me to create imaginative, daring and bold solutions. The artistic medium is not always cooperative. Patience and passion are necessary to overcome difficulties.

My artistic goal is to create a prolific and eclectic series of sculptures, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of the creative impulse.

Creation of EcCeptical® artwork is about using unusual materials, themes and constructions. The result is complex but whimsical. I create temporal aesthetic emotion with my art. EcCeptical® makes people smile, cry even (such as the Love Letter Series), and surprises them. It sparks instant recognition and interrelation (for example, “The Los Angeles Freeway System Series”). It is a moment of truth for them.  They feel the connection between the artwork and their lives, giving them a consciousness of eternity.

«Having ideas» is the reason behind my creations.

I want my art to encourage creative thinking and imagination. In the world today, it is urgent and critical for people to use mental vision to solve global  problems. In this way, creativity enhances people’s lives, while also being  stimulating and entertaining.

 EcCeptical and the logo are Registered Trademarks.

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