Statement: Paintings

Artist’s Statement: Paintings

I learned oil painting at 24 by copying master’s paintings. Within six months, I began to have many visions for my own creations. I drew the birth of the Baby Vegetables.

• The Baby Vegetables Era (view art) is a type of stylized painting. It has a static quality. Design is a very important part. This stylized painting is the combination of my influence from Kandinsky, Miro, Dali’s and others with my own life. They are a study of colors with imaginative shapes and their relationship with each other. Vegetables in 1986 and, on the same afternoon of late August, I wrote how my artwork should look like (my principles in art). It was a magical day that would dictate the rest of my path for a lot of my imaginative art and my creative paintings. I made major decisions on how I envisioned my life in the future from personal decisions to physical fitness decisions including my desire to move to the United States (a major extraordinary decision). I was truly inspired and transported. I now live in the US..

• The Free Era (view art) is a period of time of imaginative art when I realized that I had an enormous amount of artistic ideas, all of the time, in 2 and 3 dimensions. I only produced one or a few paintings of the same category, to save time and to show myself what is possible. I was searching for my own style.

• In The Beaches and Oceans Era (view art) (a total of 18 aerial paintings is the transformation of the baby vegetables into a more stylized version.  Those aerial paintings are truly “Color Dreams” and they all have water because it is the source of life. Water is beautiful and is very present in cities in Europe. As a French woman artist, I found Beauty to be in the aesthetic aspect of water among other matter. Beauty does not last because water is in perpetual movement. Beauty has to be captured at a definite time and in the movement. I enjoyed making these creative paintings. They are all painted in oil.

Here are the 7 Baby Vegetables Era in order:

Mrs. Carrot, Mr. Cucumber, Mr. Potato, Mrs. Pear , Mrs. Raspberry,  Mr. Parsley and Mr. Leek. They are inspired from rupestrian drawings (rock cave paintings) in the caves of France and from my husband to be who was working with baby vegetables in the restaurants in France.

I temporarily stopped painting in 2001 to take my EcCeptical™ artwork (art jewelry) to a new step. I began to paint again in 2012 to develop my fourth era. It is a surreal oil painting.

The Women, Raisers of Humanity Era (view artMy new oil painting consists in the representation of the female figure with a great emphasis on design. They are fantasy paintings of women. Women raise humanity and women are beautiful. The body of the woman is used to create paintings with a touch of surrealism. It is the idea of using a pattern and adding a certain symmetry to it – or not.  The bodies may be placed in different positions and arranged to create balance. The composition of the painting is a very important part of the harmony of the painting.

The paintings are acrylic and painted in oil (the latter is on top). These fantasy paintings are about the shapes of the women are placed using the same color as in the background. Therefore negative space has to be created so they can stand out. Lines are placed in the negative space, around the women and those lines are part of the rhythm. According to the directions of the background lines, there will be a feeling or quietude or movement or other feeling in the future). Those lines have to be of a color that stands out from the color of the painting and they have to be harmonious and not distracting. I like to use  3 or 5 divisions in the background. It is an odd number and it is suitable for art.

Each painting divides the surface into different planes with different colors, it is the background of the painting. I use non-realistic colors to paint the women’s flesh. They are “new’ flesh colors and that is the part I love, because human beings do not come in those colors, so I had to invent them. The bodies must be proportional to each other. It’s a painting that should be balanced in colors because those colors work in relation with each other. I like to use colors that are mixed (secondary and intermediate colors mostly). The colors create different feelings and set the atmosphere.

There are borders around the paintings (called “frise” [say: freez] in French). The frise allows me to use, in an other place, the main colors of the background of the painting and those colors used in the frise balance the whole painting in terms of color. The “frise” makes a pattern.

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