EcCeptical – Alimentation!

EcCeptical® – Th – Alimentation! , The BCS (The Burned Croutons Series)

Materials: Construction paper, paint, leather, Velcro, sealer, burned croutons, glue, findings.

“Alimentation” means “nutrition” in French. Yes, this is the first series containing food! Imagine forgetting the croutons you were making in the oven! And, here is your treasure: very black croutons. So black, so beautiful that they could not let themselves be thrown away. A bit of imagination and this new series was born.

Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – (Outer) Length 10 x Width 8½ x Height 2 – (Inner) 5 x 4½

Pin – Length 4 x Width 2½ x Height 1½

Earrings – Length 2½ x Width 2 x Height 1

Barrette – Length 5½ x Width 3½ x Height 1

Bracelet – 4½ – Width 3½ x Height 1½ (adjustable)

Ring – Length 3 x Width 2½ x Height 2 (adjustable)

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