EcCeptical – Anfonte, The Nurturing Series

ECCEPTICAL® – Anfonte, The Nurturing Series – #853

Materials: pillow making fabric, thread, leather, buttons, cord for furnishing, buttons, dolls eyes (cat), fabric, plastic animals, beads, fake flowers, miniature frame elements, trim, part of zippers, paste to model, paint, varnish, findings, doll’s hair, black net used in restaurants for protecting hair from falling in food (used for black baby’s hair).

It’s fun to use the color of human skin to make artwork. My inspiration: I wanted to use pillow fabric. I had made an excess amount of “breasts” for a previous artwork. I found the breasts an the bottom of a drawer. The fun idea is to paint the breasts in different skin tones and create babies heads, mix races, so it becomes the symbol of peace and nurturing.

The ring:


Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 24 x Width 0 x Height 2½

Pin – Length 10 x Width 5½ x Height 2

Earrings – Length 7 x Width 4 x Height 2

Barrette – Length 6½ x Width 4 x Depth 4

Bracelet – Length 5 x 4 Width x Height 5

Ring – Length 5½ x Width 2 x height 2½ (adjustable)

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