EcCeptical – The Beach Series

ECCEPTICAL®  – Avant-Midi, The Beach Series – #751

Materials: balsa wood, sand, fabric, household glue, paint, felt, findings, other material.

I have spatial skills. This is how EcCeptical® first began in 2001: I found the postcard of an aerial picture of a beach in California. Here is the postcard. I thought the towels and umbrellas on the sand were making a pattern. I was painting oils at the time. I began painting a beige background for the sand, I call it “grand fond” and I added the towels and umbrellas for the pattern to be clear. One day, after making 18 beach aerial patterns, I thought, “Why wouldn’t I make a beach in a jewelry form? Then, I created this one very first series. Prior to this, I was mostly making earrings with unusual materials. This was the beginning of EcCeptical®. Below is the postcard I found:


Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 8½ x Width 7½ x Height ¼ –

Inner necklace – Length 5 ¼ x Width 4 –

Pin – Length 3½ x Width 2 ½ x Height ¼ –

Earrings – Length 3 x Width 2¼ x Height ¼ –

Barrette – Length 6½ x Width 2¾ x Height ¼ –

Bracelet – none

Ring – Length 2½ x Width 1½ x Height ¼

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