EcCeptical – The Canvas Rug Series

ECCEPTICAL® – Agacement, The Canvas Rug Series – #608

Materials:  canvas rug, paint, wire, iridescent paper, findings,other material.

When I was a pre-teen, I used to often go visit my neighbor (that was in France). She was a little old lady that for fun, knitted, made crochet tablecloths and rugs all day. I learned a lot from her and that is how I discovered the material: canvas rug. Later in my life, I found the material again and used it in a different way… the one you see.


Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 10¼ x Width 8½ X Thickness 1/8 –

Pin – Length 2¼ x Width 2¼ x Thickness 1/8 –

Earrings – Length 4½ x Width 1 –

Barrette – Length 6 x Width 2¾ x 1/8 –

Bracelet – Length 7½ x Width 1½ x 1/8 –

Ring – Length 1½ x Width 1½ x Thickness 1/8 (adjustable)

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