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EcCeptical® Art Jewelry The Art that Defies the Designable

EcCeptical® is art jewelry, comprised of two Collections: The Frameables Collection™ (view art) and The Wearables Collection™ (view art). It is the result of having grown up surrounded with art and fashion. It is a life time of having new creative ideas and creating impossible art. See full gallery below.


Why Do I Make EcCeptical?

My mother was a dress designer and was sewing for some of the British Royalty in the 50’s. I grew up enjoying the designer dresses she made for me. By the time I was a teenager, I was unable to find what I was looking for when I went shopping, because I had developed my unique style.

I continuously had new creative ideas and an urge to create for designing accessories such as shoes, glasses, belts, cars, vases, chairs, houses, etc. I began making my own line of clothing, jewelry and accessories, for personal satisfaction. I did not have the need to be different: it was about having an idea of something I wanted to wear and being unable to find anything that meets the need. That is how I got a constant urge to create. I sold my new creative ideas as accessories, jewelry and clothes (including swimwear) to people locally in France. It was my feeling that because each person is different, they should wear something that reveals their unique style, and enhances their attributes.

EcCeptical®, in this creative art gallery, is either The Wearable Collection™ or The Frameable Collection™. The Frameable Collection™ involves more fragile elements. The idea of creating an innovative art but still being able to make it come to life, is what is fascinating to me. I could have chosen to make something other than jewelry/accessories. I chose jewelry/accessories because when you wear the jewelry, it completes the look. This artwork demands a quiet (plain) style of dress or it can be placed on the wall as an object d’art (The Frameables Collection™). There is a sense of amusement in fabricating things and there is a sense of humor which transpires through the making of this innovative art. Part of this amusement is in its absurdity.

This is my creative art gallery. You can choose art that comes from a free mind. And that is, to me, what is most exiting about this artwork. I produced the artwork for years without trying to sell, without outside pressures, that is why I call it “free mind art”.


What You Should Know About EcCeptical®

EcCeptical® is The Art that Defies the Designable™. Discover here why this artwork is a new art work and may be miniature art and mixed media artwork. EcCeptical® exists because I wanted to create what does not exist. In the following I explain the typical buyer or collector of my EcCeptical® unusual artwork, what it really is as artwork, the reason for its existence, the intention for use.

Be sure to watch the videos to have an idea of the size of the pieces. Almost all of the pieces of jewelry are light weight. If worn, it is highly recommended to wear EcCeptical® with plain color clothing so it is not distracting to the pieces.

1) The Frameables Collection™ is composed of handmade sculptures in the shape of jewelry. Each series generally has seven pieces: a necklace, a barrette, two earrings, a brooch, a bracelet and a ring. It is purchased as a series.

The intention for the use of The Frameables Collection™ is: display and frame on a wall or display in an encased stand. These pieces of art are meant to be decorative in your home or office. They may exceptionally be worn for a photo shoot, a film, a song in the fashion or movie and music industry. This is fragile artwork.

The people who buy The Frameables Collection™ of EcCeptical®: This collection of this new art work is generally based on THEMES. Those who purchase EcCeptical® artwork are simply people who appreciate art. They understand that the creation of the artwork is most important and that the series are more or less dreams of unusual or unimagined types of jewelry. They understand the absurdity behind the concept: the notion that, perhaps, jewelry may not actually be created in order to wear it!  This unprecedented type of art may be worn for a short time with extreme care or displayed to admire. People understand the uniqueness of the series, they appreciate the time spent creating the artwork and that, above all, I, Angélique Glennon, care about “creativity and imagination”. I create this work of art for the sake of art, create freely, not originally creating with the intention of selling it, but rather, creating with the intention of pleasing the eye, and often communicating with humor. My fans also understand that I use a distinct set of skills, acquired and mastered each time a new series is created. The jewelry function is removed in The Frameables Collection™ because it is admired in the frame, and not worn.

2) The Wearables Collection™ and The Wearables Themes™  are composed of handmade wearable EcCeptical® pieces of jewelry. Each series generally has seven pieces: a necklace, a barrette, two earrings, a brooch, a bracelet and a ring. It is purchased as a series.

The intention of use is: meant to be admired and may be lightly worn.

 The people who wear The Wearables Collection™ of EcCeptical® are bold, confident women who want to be admired and appreciated by others. Wearing the artwork communicates about themselves to others. This collection is based on the UNFUNCTION. Unusual materials are used to make this collection and the function of normal use of the material is removed. This highly evolved new artwork stimulates all viewers, from children to adults to communicate with each other and to the woman wearing the artwork in their outings to the concert, events or their private gatherings… It is recommended to wear very occasionally the series of this collection for special event and for a short period of time and take extra care.


Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate: Each piece or series is one of a kind. The series or the pieces comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity that is signed and dated by Angélique Glennon The certificate contains the Name and Title of the Series, the list of the material used and the story behind the series. The series purchased contains an engraved stamp with the Trademark EcCeptical® and its logo. The engraved stamp is generally affixed onto the necklace or another one of the pieces if more practical.

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