EcCeptical – The Guitar String Series

ECCEPTICAL® – Aisance Deux , The Guitar String Series – #602

Material used: guitar strings, phone wires, findings.

My guitarist friend broke a string. I kept it instead of throwing it away. What I love about this material is that there is a paradox that’s created.  The guitar strings are very thin but allow me to make large necklaces and large earrings.



Measurements (in inches):

The thickness is about 1 millimeter or less

Triangular shape:

Necklace – Length 11 x Width 13 – (pull through)

Earrings – Length 4 x Width 4 ¼ –

Bracelet – Length 4 x Width 4 –

Drop shape; N 16½ x Width 5 (pull through) –

Earrings L 5½ x W 1¾

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