EcCeptical – The Love Letter Series

ECCEPTICAL® – Amourache, The Love Letter Series – #611

Material used: paper, leather, self-adhesive clear plastic, ink, water, other material, paint, findings.

The idea came because of the perfection of a love letter written to me. It is that note that you can read multiple times and it still inspires the same feelings. It was so perfect, it looked like it came out of a book. I compared its layout to old love letters in France in the castle times. How great would it be if I could use this letter for a series! The letter became the material to resonate like the words behind confessions of love and emotional expressions.

Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 10 x Width 5¼ x Thickness 2/16 –

Pin – Length 3¾ x Width 3 x Thickness 2/16 –

Earrings – Length 5 x Width 2¾ x Thickness 2/16 (has clips) –

Barrette – Length 4½ x Width 4½ x Thickness 2/16 –

Bracelet – Length 7 with strap, (art only is 4 in Length), Width 2¾, H¼ –

Ring – Length 1½ x Width 1¼ x Thickness 2/16 (adjustable ring)

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