EcCeptical – The Last Supper

EcCeptical®  – Amusette-Dînette (Fun-Dining), The Last Supper Series – #754

Materials: fabric, fabric hardener, modeling paste, paint, plaster band, wire, findings, trim, glue, thread.

There is a restaurant in Biarritz (world known city on the Atlantic Ocean, France), the town where I come from. It has these tablecloths and I love going there on Saturday evening in summer while it is light outside till 10:30 in the evening and it’s still daytime. The atmosphere is incomparable. All senses are aroused, with the taste of the delicious food, the fine smells, the gentle summer evening breeze, the hubbub and the picturesque décor.

Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 12½ x Width 10 x Height 1¼, necklace opens –

Pin – Length 3 x Width 2½ x Height 1 –

Earrings – Length 5 x Width 2½ x Height ¼ –

Barrette – L 5 ½ x W 3 ½ x Height 1 –

Bracelet – L 3¼ x Width 3¼ x Height 1¼ –

Ring – Length 2 x Width 2 x Height 1 –

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