EcCeptical – The War Series

ECCEPTICAL® – Aventurage, The War Series – #618

Materials: mesh fabric, fur, G. I. Joe heads, elements relative to the war, fabric, glue, thread, feathers, findings, trim, ribbon, biais.

This is an accidental creation. I did not plan to make this artwork however my eyes saw the elements in a flea market in Los Angeles. People have asked why I made this series because it is not “positive”. Why not?

This artwork tests the viewer’s ability to separate the meaning of what they see (the war and it is sad) to what they actually see (fabric, plastic heads, war elements, etc arranged in a nice way). My intention may therefore be misinterpreted (it’s easy) and that is the spice to these pieces.

Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 23 x Width 19 x Height 1 ½ –

Pin – Length 10 x Width 7 x Height 1 –

Earrings – Length 7 x Width 2 ½ x Height 1 –

Barrette – 8 ½ x Width 7 x Height 2 –

Bracelet – 7 ½ x Width 7 ½ x Height 1 ½ –

Ring – Length 3 ¼ x Width 1 x height 1 (adjustable) –

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