EcCeptical – The Tulle Series

ECCEPTICAL® – Astuce, The Tulle Series – #604

Material used: guitar strings, tulle, pearls, glue, findings.

Tulle fabric is often used for wedding dresses and ballet costumes. In this picture below, I threaded the fabric through the guitar string as if I were a jeweler putting pearls on a string. I was making a dress for myself that had colored tulle and while I was making it, I looked at the holes on the tulle and saw the guitar string would fit through the holes and that is how I had the idea for this series.


Measurements (in inches):

Necklace – Length 7½ x Width 5½ x Height 1½ –

Pin – Length 3½ x Width 1¾ x Height 1 –

Earrings – Length 4¼ x Width 3¼ x Height ¾ –

Barrette – Length 4 1/3 x Width 3¼ x Height ¾ –

Bracelet – Inner diameter 2½ – Diameter outer 4¾ –

Ring – Length 2 x Width 2 x Height ¾ (adjustable)

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