How It’s Made

[stag_two_third]HOW IS THE ARTWORK  MADE?

All work produced is seen as a finished piece before even started. How to make it, is unknown but understood as the process unfolds.


First, there is the design of the shapes, done on paper. The skeleton of theme series is balsa wood or birch wood because it is light in weight. It is sawn to shape. If there is some water to be represented on the piece, the water must come at a lower level than the ground level, so several pieces of balsa wood are put underneath at the place of the water, to give depth. They are glued. Then it is made smooth inside, it is painted and resin is poured. Then the grounds are made… the fun part.


Several series are worked on at the same time because:

– there is waiting time,
– the next step is uncertain and there is a time of reflection that is needed for a while.

Then, when the next step is known, the material required is purchased but this is trial and error, so there is never a guarantee of success. Since it is a new material or  new theme every time, the way to make the piece is not known in advance and requires new skills.

I love using patterns because it is rhythm, repetition and movement and it keeps the work alive. It makes people relate to the work.


There is always a step that is risky and unpleasant. For example, when the rain line was made, the umbrella was made first, without knowing the rest of the steps. It was a lengthy process. It was difficult to connect the clear rod to the umbrella and the same rod to the cloud. The clear plastic rod that goes to the umbrella cannot be in plastic for the handle because it has to bend, so the plastic part had to be connected to a metal wire (used for the handle) in a way that cannot be large and has to be hidden. After that, a cover had to be made for the umbrella’s handle. Placing the “beads of water” hanging off the cloud was a challenge: invisible thread was looped through a long glass bead with knots on each end so they would stay in place and all this is figured as the work is done. In order to have the glass beads hanging, a base with holes had to be made to pass them threw and fix them in place so they don’t move. Then the “beads drop of water” were placed at the ends at different lengths so it has a natural look, non symmetrical but balanced. All of this work was not very pleasant. It gets rewarding at later stages such as the decoration on the umbrellas and seeing how it finally comes together.


Hardening of fabrics or other soft materials: In order to create a permanent effect, fabrics are made non porous, hardened and shined if desired. The Abandoned Knitting Series, The Last Supper, The Rain Series, The Sheets and Pillow Cases, The Laundry Series, The Festival à Areches, all of these series have hardened material.


In the Abandoned Knitting Series, white cotton is knitted. Then I thought: “How can I convey  the idea of the work being unfinished? So, leaving a ball of yarn on each piece was the solution.

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