EcCeptical® is not an expression of feelings. It is rather a study on how to represent (with designing skills) my first impression about life, people and the world… It’s also about life incidents. EcCeptical® artwork may have a non-serious and carefree touch.

THE UNFUNCTION –Seeing Materials & Ignoring Their Normal Use

New materials for my jewelry are anywhere: in nature, in a flea market, in a store (even a grocery store), at someone’s house, on a trip, walking in the street… I extract the function of a normal use from what I see, leaving really amazing possibilities for creation. When I am out and about, my automatic alert for materials is always turned on. It does not matter what the material is. It can be mud, fake nails, hay, legumes, herbs, you name it. Being aware that things can be dyed, folded, cut, braded, shrunk or made bigger, photocopied, sliced, knitted, weaved… offers unique possibilities of transformation of the material. The formulation of all these existing parts and techniques is my artwork.

THE THEMES – Seeing Patterns From A Larger Scale

Looking at a miniature gives people a sense of power and relatedness. The Themes of the Frameables Collection™ was made because of evolution in my artwork. Briefly, over the course of years, I designed and made jewelry (earrings only). I learned oil painting. I found a postcard of an aerial view of a beach. I painted 18 aerial views of beaches. Then I thought of using the aerial view of the beach as a theme for my jewelry and make one series. A new type of jewelry was born. The reason why I like aerial views is because of an atlas about the moon that was given to me at 6. It gave me an appreciation for the aerial picture. Once I found the “beach theme”, it was logical to find other themes. Then there was the innovative idea of the Los Angeles Freeway System (that comes apart into frameable jewelry). The Rain Series is the result of looking what the pattern could be. I decided that it would be: Cloud, drops, umbrella.[/stag_three_fourth][stag_one_fourth_last][/stag_one_fourth_last]

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