Shapes and Lines

Shapes for each piece are drawn on paper. Shapes are very important and it is my desire to create new lines for my jewelry, so it has new shapes.

Back in 1986, I decided that the triangle was the most versatile shape, the most artistic shape to use in my art work, so I use it often. It is the most suitable for my artwork because it has an odd number of angles and there are different triangles available (equilateral, isosceles, scalene, right angle, acute and obtuse). I have been following those principles in all my artworks (all medias).

To continue on the same idea of the triangle, the shapes of EcCeptical® are based on the triangular shape, so it means that most pieces can be included into a triangle. The sheets and Pillow Cases Series,  the Rain Series, The Castle wall of Provence, the Guitar String Series, the First Tulle Series, the Funnies Series are examples of the use of the triangular shape. The Golf Course is based on the shape of the breast in females (a triangular shape), which is obvious after I say it. The idea of the shape of a drop (another triangular shape) is used into the Christmas Cards Series, the Landfill Series.  and one of the Guitar String Series. Shapes have to adapt to the material used sometimes. For example, The Canvas Rug Series cannot be made round because of the canvas rug material, it would not look good. The Chicken Wire Series does not offer a lot of different possibilities, it has to be cut a certain way to look good but a triangular shape or cone shape can still be made with the material that can be moved. It is very pleasant to look for new lines, especially when it comes to representing the idea of jewelry. There are a lot of lines that have not been explored yet, for jewelry. Looking at the earrings of the Floating Market for example, the clip is making one piece with the rest of the earring.


Multi colors are used in the Abandoned Knitting Series, The Only Series with  Beads, The Pipe Cleaner Series, The Beach Series, The  Laundry

Series (pastel colors), The Christmas Cards Series, The Festival at Arêches. Influenced by Juan Miró, my taste for multi color on black or beige background began. I determined that it would “satisfy” the eye.

Some of the series have their color determined by the nature of the material, if that material is left untreated (grains, legumes, stones, hay, seeds, etc).

Typically, I do like high contrasts (dark and light colors together), I also have liked to have movement whenever possible (paintings). In the EcCeptical® Series, I developed a range of colors so the series are fun to look at and my intend is that people see my amusement in making the series.

It is within the relationship between the colors, the lines, the shapes, and the design that defines if there is balance and harmony into one piece and between all the pieces. Also, if one can see the playfulness and humor in the artwork, it does contribute to its success.



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