“When you see Angelique’s art it’s like seeing art for the first time.”

– Manuela Ammendola.


I am Angélique Glennon, a French female artist and designer. This is my online art gallery The artwork presented includes four types of media of imaginative contemporary art: paintings,  glass assemblages, and children’ drawings. It is a whimsical world of ideas and imagination without boundaries. My inspiration is spontaneously triggered from daily incidents or first impressions, or just materials I come across. It is about patterns, people, life and the world. You will find quite a few “new words” to fit this new world!

I like aerial view art where everything is small. Looking at “miniatures” gives people a sense of power and relatedness. When I was a little girl, my friend gave me a picture book about the moon.  I became fascinated by being far away, in space, and looking down on the moon and the earth and imagining a completely new perspective.  Now I have the habit of looking at anything as if I were on a high perch, so I see it from a larger scale. I love to represent miniatures as an adult. When children play, they often play with small things, miniatures.  Adults enjoy being able to revisit that perspective. Aerial views are used both in my paintings and in my art jewelry. They make patterns. Aerial view art is seeing a large scale scenery such as a golf course and making it into a piece of handicraft art jewelry.

Patterns in art and design: Patterns are everywhere in the world. They are in nature, they are in what we make big or small, and let’s consider that they are also in our conversations and therefore they are in our thoughts. Seeing the patterns in art and design and bringing them to imagery is the key to this artwork.

Different art materials are used to make my 3 dimensional artwork: they are not new materials. They just have not been used that way before. The material is used without associating it to its normal function. It is the UNFUNCTION [learn more] . Example: seeing “sand” or “hair” merely as  materials to be used in art without their association to “beach” or “human head”. Seeing a bottle as a shape and a material to be used as the component of an assemblage. The function disappears out of what I see, leaving really amazing possibilities for creations. These different art materials become a medium for the art. They can be anywhere: in nature, in flea markets, even grocery stores…

The handicraft art jewelry is innovative. It is a whimsical unprecedented artwork. It also uses THEMES [learn more] such as “gong to the beach”, “golfing”, “ a landfill”, etc.



Your kid’s artwork can become the same as the watercolor drawings in here [learn more]. They are about shapes and colors. They are a collaborative artistic work between my daughter and myself. They reveal an the enchanted world of a child. Imagine transforming your kid’s artwork into colorful drawings that can be printed.



The assemblage artwork is about structure balance and  light reception. They are using lots of collectible items such as antique and vintage perfume bottles other bottles or glass elements. This assemblage artwork came to life completely incidentally [learn more]. 

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